Dutch government leaning towards closing Albania’s door to EU accession negotiations

06/06/2019 22:10

The Dutch government will apparently close Albania’s door to the EU. The government is not interested to have this country start the EU accession negotiations, but they want to leave an open possibility for Northern Macedonia.

Dutch media quote the Foreign Minister of Netherlands, Stef Blok, having declared this statement in front of the Lower Chamber of the Parliament.

“Albania has a long way ahead”, Blok said.

“They have taken some positive steps, but they are not where it is needed. There is still more to do in the rule of law and corruption”, the Dutch Foreign Minister declared.

Lawmakers asked the Minister to give a clear “yes” or “no” answer about the EU enlargement with the two countries in question, but, according to Pieter Omtzigt from the CDA, the Minister was not clear.

The Dutch Parliament remains divided. The smaller partner of the ruling coalition wants the negotiations to be opened for Northern Macedonia and Albania. CDA, which is also part of the government, believes that Albania is not ready.

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