Durrës, residents of building damaged by the earthquake, now endangered by new adjacent construction works

20/10/2021 16:15

Severely damaged by the November 26 earthquake, the residents of a building in the beach area in​​Durrës are facing the danger posed by the construction works for a new 5-storey building next to them.

Residents have requested the intervention of local institutions and the prosecution body to stop the works, but no reacted and today (Wednesday) they protested in front of Durrës prosecutor’s office.

“We are damaged at the DS3 level. 6-7 days ago they came to build a residential complex next to us. We have complained to the municipality, the prosecutor and the court and no one has given us an answer. We are damaged by the earthquake, we have a broken supporting pillar, and stairwells damaged by the earthquake that will be repaired. We are waiting for them to come for the repairs, while they now try bury us all”, says a resident.

The construction permit was issued several years ago, but recently the construction company has started the works that have endangered the lives of the families living in this building. Residents have been forced to leave the palace, as they do not feel safe inside it, while seeking the intervention of the prosecution and the court to suspend the work and investigate the case, as well as to ensure the right to life and housing.

“They have received the permit. We reacted and the mayor Vangjush Dako, came at that time and suspended the works with verbal order. The company went away. Their permission was granted without being seen specifically checked on the ground, on the land. We are at the most vulnerable “, complained the residents.

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