Drugs used ‘openly’ by teenagers, a worrying trend for families in Tirana

03/03/2021 20:28

Drug use among adolescents is turning into a worrying problem in residential communities in Tirana.

Official statistics and reports show that hashish, in particular, is widely used by children as young 12 or 10 year old.

Many people say that are witness to the fact that groups of young people consume hashish, in the corners of neighborhoods.

“The situation is very bad, we do not know what to do. We take great care of the children, as you can see I take him and bring him back from school myself. I am very worried. They want to imitate adults, they want to look like them, but they do not know that it is harmful and you can not break away from it afterwards, it is a very bad habit”, says one parent.

A teenager adds: “We at school have done educational classes on drugs and their effects on humans, especially at young ages like ours. They do not talk to me much in the family about it, because they know that I do not mix with these things, I stay away from them. I have seen 15-16 year olds smoking them. Not here at school, but in my neighborhood. Look at the corners, there they are, there you find them.

Another parent adds: “We have heard a lot in the news and interviews, but we have never seen it”.

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