Dramatic footage from Shkodra as the flames consume the clothes market, fire also spreads to nearby houses

14/06/2024 21:05

On Friday afternoon a sudden large-scale fire engulfed the used clothes market in the Isa Boletini neighborhood, in Shkodra, the northern center of Albania.

As can be seen from the footage provided by Top Channel’s Klodian Zhivani, the flames engulfed the market area, and unfortunately favored by the wind, they have also lit a house near it.

So far no injuries have been reported, while the residents were the first to help each other to evacuate. Meanwhile, firefighters are at the scene and are working to bring the flames under control.

All the structures of the Shkodra Municipality are committed to putting out the fire on Qafë Hardhi Street.

Firefighters continue their work towards Shkodra, vehicles have also started from Malësia e Madhe, Ulqini, Tivari and Lezha.

Also, a civil emergency helicopter was expected to arrive at the scene, which was requested by the Mayor.


Top Channel