DP’s Tabaku: 7 years of corruption has cost Albanians 6.2 billion euros, we need change

01/07/2020 15:27

Through a post on Facebook, DP’s Jorida Tabaku recalled today the high cost of corruption by the government in power, which according to her is confirmed by the High State Audit.

“These are 6.2 billion euros that could have been used for the economy, infrastructure, public investments in the service of citizens, billions that come from citizens’ taxes, from the sweat of their brow and that have gone to the personal accounts of government officials and oligarchs, through state corruption. In any report related to the economy and money management, Albanians and entrepreneurs read the structural problem and the disease that stems from this government, which is corruption. We are not poor, we are stolen, ruined by corruption which kills every day our common economy and the economy of every family. Transparency International is telling it us, where corruption at 880 million euros a year translates to 23 places lower in the rankings. ”

Further in the post, Tabaku stated:

“The American Chamber of Commerce is telling us that corruption is one of the main reasons why businesses fail in Albania. All finding of the Eurobarometer speak of widespread corruption in Albania, in the customs, in taxes, in health, in property registration, everywhere there is only extortion of the citizen, according to the model created by the current head of government.
RAMA-VIRUS is the main cause hindering the development of domestic and foreign entrepreneurship. Corruption is set up in the system and living through tenders and concessions, increasing unemployment, driving away young people and holding Albania hostage”.

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