DP’s Spahia: The number of infected is growing, government’s coronavirus mismanagement at Guinness Record level

27/06/2020 15:09

Former PD MP Bardh Spahia through a Facebook post has attacked the Rama government regarding the pandemic situation in the country, saying that so far the government’s pandemic strategy has so far been only improvisation.

Among other things, the former MP writes that “the government’s warning to reclose the Shefqet Ndroqi” hospital does not serve the interest of the citizens.”

Among other things he stated: “The government has failed in its improvisations to cope with the pandemic, so 4 months after the first COVID case, the number of infected is still increasing and the main hospitals risk being closed again for thousands of citizens suffering from chronic diseases.

“Instead of propaganda and theater play with Albanians, Edi Rama and Ogerta Manastirliu should say how much health care capacity Albania has to cure COVID sufferers and what they have done to cope with the reopening. Failure due to government improvisation, incompetence and corruption is a bill that citizens do not deserve to pay with their health.

“Shefqet Ndroqi is the only specialized hospital structure at a high level for various pathologies. It is unfair, to say the least, for this service to be sacrificed for thousands of citizens with chronic diseases, just because the government did not take measures to have another independent anti-COVID structure.

“Edi Rama’s government might enter Guinness World Records for the mismanagement of pandemic, both with the low number of tests and the lack of funding from the budget for the public health. No one today knows how much money the government spent on protecting and curing citizens. We only know the part of the improvised show of Rama and Ogerta Mastirliu”.

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