DP: “Tourism with Edi Rama, dozens of failures this season”

20/08/2016 00:00

Jamarber Malltezi, head of the Tourism Department at the Democratic
Party, said for the media that tourists this year faced basic problems
that had been forgotten for years, such as power outage, lack of
electricity and of drinking water.

“Foreign tourists died in land and sea due to an irresponsible government. The public order degenerated and an armed robbery was seen at the only airport. The entire coastline suffered power outage, zero new roads were built in tourist roads, 0 km for the Arber Road, for the Elbasan Road and the last segments of the Nation Road. Zero implants were built for treating the polluted waters in coastlines, and the implants that the DP paid millions of EUR for have received no maintenance and did not work”, Malltezi said, adding that the European Agency of Environment announced that the Albanian water quality in Albania degenerated in the past three years, and recommended our beaches should not be frequented.

“Although this government found landfills for urban wastes already done, they are incapable of transporting waste materials and are suffocating cities from Laci o Himara. Dead animals stay for days in the beaches of Golem, Hamallaj, etc. There are oil spills in Durres, Vlora and Dhermi while the government doesn’t notify the citizens and does not declare civilian emergency. This government considers tap water a luxury, that’s why they give no solution about it. Watchtowers in beaches turned into pollution, since their iron bars are now rusted and no lifeguards were hired. The Vlora coastline was stolen and the ‘Lungomare’ works turned into stress for tourists and Vlora citizens”, he added.

Malltezi underlined that the government has abandoned their job and Albania is now facing problems that had been forgotten 10 years ago.

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