Doctors: Start of school did not increase Covid-19 infections in children

27/10/2021 19:59

As a full month has passed since the beginning of the new academic year withe expectation of increased coroanvirus infections, doctors say that no higher transmission has been observed in children.

The Head of the Infectious Diseases Service in the QSUT hospital center in Tirana, Dr. Xhorxhina Kuli explains that there has been no increase in the number of children affected by Covid, who have needed hospitalization.

However, the official adds that in the pediatric Covid ward, there are several hospitalized children affected by Covid, two of which in serious health condition.

The day before the authorities said that a 5-year-old child lost his life by Covid-19 complications, as according to doctors the unfortunate child had other health issues which were aggravated by Covid-19.

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