Discharged Justice Minister: “Rama wanted to silence me about cannabis”

30/01/2017 13:10

The discharged Minister of Justice, Ylli Manjani, attacked PM Rama
during a press release, saying he doesn’t allow Ministers to speak in
government meetings. He also said that partners have asked him to
discharge the Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri.

“The Prime Minister has pressured the Parliament Speaker to discharge me, to silence me. He complained I was speaking without permission from Fuga. The message of our Prime Minister is that you need to shut up, profit from bids, and that’s it”, Manjani said, adding that he is ashamed of this government.

“I reported the government because they did not defend foreign investments, and after this declaration, a businessman was removed from Albania and he was beaten. My initiative were rejected by people who are not above ministers. There was more pressure against me after the declaration about cannabis, a declaration I made as a concerned citizen”, Manjani said.

He also added that the partners of this government have requested for the Minister of Interior to be discharged.

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