Direct Tirana-Sofia flights, one more opportunity for Albanian tourism

05/05/2022 21:13

Albania and Bulgaria are stepping up efforts to be as close as possible in the field of tourism.

Today in an event at Tirana International Airport, Bulgarian tour operators met with their colleagues in Tirana in order to promote tourism, since April Sofia and Tirana have become closer with the launch of direct flights between them.

“Albania has been one of the favorite destination for Bulgarian tourists. The establishment of the direct flight line now I think will give a greater impetus not only of tourism exchanges but also in other fields.

“We must do everything to intensify this further,” said Donika Hoxha, Albania’s ambassador to Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Ambassador to Albania Momtchil Raytchevski also mentioned his appreciation.

“I can describe Albania as a beautiful, friendly country and a good neighbor. I think this is a good opportunity as Bulgarians do not know much about Albania. You have preserved the tradition of local foods and learned a lot from people going abroad.

“Our task is to support the tourism sector and promote tourism between the two countries,” he said.

During 2019, according to official data, about 46 thousand tourists came to Albania from Bulgaria, listing it among the 15 countries with the highest inflows of visitors.

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