Dibra inaugurates provisional opening of ‘Rruga se Arbrit’, the northeastern road connection project to Northern Macedonia

29/11/2021 15:36

The long-awaited project of ‘Rruga e Arbrit” was provisionally opened today with a ceremony in Diber where Prime Minister Edi Rama was also present.

The new highway currently makes use of a ‘by-pass’ near the Murrizi Tunnel, because due to the complex geological formations, the work in this segment has progressed slowly and ends in the spring.

The completed road will be traversed in just 47 minutes, compared to 1 hour and 20 minutes after today’s opening, or 4 hours of drive that were needed to traverse it before.

Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy announced that ‘Rruga e Arbrit’ becomes passable for all vehicles starting from 14:00 today. The Ministry draws the attention of drivers to be careful due to weather conditions, especially in the Murrizi bypass area.

The cities of Burreli, Klosi, Bulqiza and Peshkopia via Arbri Road will all be accessible within two hours from the capital Tirana.

The highway consists of 6 tunnels, 4 bridges, of which the Vasha Bridge and the Fshati Bridge are among the highest in the region, while the rest is a two-way asphalt lane, in a total of 70 km.

In the Murrizi tunnel, vehicles can circulate through the bypass until the completion of works.

Rruga e Arbrit ends in Bllata, on the border with Northern Macedonia, connecting Albania with Macedonian ethnic Albanian-majority cities such as Dibra e Madhe, Gostivar and Tetovo.


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