Debates and criticism of the amnesty law, which includes public officials convicted of corruption

21/02/2024 16:14

In tomorrow’s plenary session of the parliament, the final draft of the amnesty law will be discussed and voted on, which is expected to benefit 700 convicts and about 2500 people on probation.

Despite the fact that the opposition MPs group led by Basha and that led by Berisha were included in the discussions, preliminary comments a day before the vote are making it difficult to reach the 84 votes needed to approve the amnesty.

The bone of contention is related to an amendment brought by the socialists in power, which provides for a reduced sentence for public persons convicted by the Special Court for Corruption and Organized Crime.

MP Bledion Nallbati, whose name was mentioned as the initiator of the proposal, today pointed the finger at his socialist colleague Plarent Ndreca, accusing him of being the author of the document.

“The amendment that is being discussed for the repeal of point 2 of article 5 is a proposal or change made by the speaker of the SP, Mr. Plarent Ndreca. No deputy of the DP Parliamentary Group has voted in favor of the draft law in the Laws Committee”, said Nallbati.

Although in principle they agree on the criminal amnesty, the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party led by Gazment Bardhi, decided not to participate in the voting process in Thursday’s session.

The DP group led by Lulzim Basha also warned of a boycott, but leaving a path open if the socialists withdraw from the proposal.

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