“Crimes”, Ndreu: No prevention strategy

23/08/2011 16:05

Pjerin Ndreu, former high-rank officer of the Albanian Police explained
the reasons why the summer season has more crimes and murders, by
analyzing the order situation and a series of causes for this alarming situation.

“August has been for many years now the month with most crimes. I want to remind you that on August 2010 have died many police agents, such as Arben Zylyftari, Gani Malushi, the four policemen in Durres and there have also been a series of murders that happened on the same period. This has a meaning. Despite the different factors and the social-economic problems, it also has to do with the problems that are in the focus of modern studies, such as the climate and high temperatures”, Ndreu declared.

For Mr. Ndreu, the declarations that crime increase is connected with the arrival of the emigrants, as police authorities have confirmed, is an alibi that doesn’t stand.

“The emigrants produce road accidents, but the high level of crimes committed during this time have no emigrant authors”, Ndreu explained.

It is vital to create an emergency strategy for the situation, Ndreu addded, but this must not be created only by the police.

“The first problem is that of creating an efficient strategy that must not be formed only by the opinion of the police. This strategy should involve a wider range of people from our community, in order to take the situation under control”, Ndreu declared.

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