COVID19 update/ 851 new cases and 21 life losses in the last 24 hours

03/03/2021 20:38

The Ministry of Health appealed today (03.03.2021) to all citizens to apply the rules for the prevention of COVID19: Put a protective mask in any environment outside the home, avoid gatherings, maintain physical distance; take care of your personal hygiene and isolate yourself when you suspect you are affected by Covid19.

The authorities added that in the last 24 hours 766 anti-Covid vaccinations and 3149 tests were performed, out of which 851 citizens tested positive.

Confirmed positive cases were identified in the following municipalities: 377 cases in Tirana, 48 in Pogradec, out of 30 cases in Elbasan, Kavaja, 29 in Durrës, 28 in Vlora, 27 in Shkodra, 26 in Fier, 25 in Berat, 23 in Lezha, 21 in Saranda, and fewer in other districts.

606 patients are being treated in hospitals, 42 of which in intensive care.

Despite the efforts of the medical staff, 21 citizens lost the battle with COVID19: 6 citizens from Tirana, 2 citizens from Elbasan, 2 citizens from Berat, 2 citizens from Kuçova, 1 citizen from Kavaja, 1 citizen from Fieri, 1 citizen from Kukës , 1 citizen from Lushnja, 1 citizen from Durrës, 1 citizen from Puka, 1 citizen from Librazhd, 1 citizen from Kolonja, 1 citizen from Kurbin, all aged 42-94.

The Ministry of Health expresses its condolences to the families of the deceased and addresses the citizens not to neglect any signs of illness but to contact the family doctor for any doubt.


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