Covid-19 update; 4 deaths, 301 infected in the last 24 hours by the coronavirus

20/10/2020 16:31

Health authorities said today that out of 1407 test carried out in the last 24 hours, 301 people resulted positive with Covid-19.

Meanwhile despite the efforts of doctors, unfortunately have lost the battle with the disease 4 patients.

These bring the figures to a total of 6968 infected cases and 458 losses of life from the coronavirus since the begining of the epidemic.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection expressed its condolences to the families.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection addresses a call to the citizens: “Be careful with the observance of the rules as the observed negligence favors the spread of the virus, which is affecting every age group, without distinction.

Use the mask anywhere outdoors, keep your distance and take care of your hygiene.

“Contact your family doctor or call the National Emergency number 127 if you suspect you or a loved one is affected by COVID-19.”

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