Covid-19 update/ 108 new cases, 5 losses of life in the last 24 hours

30/04/2021 20:53

Albanian Health Ministry announced today (30.04.2021) that in the last 24 hours 2808 tests have been performed, of which 108 citizens resulted positive with Covid-19.

Authorities added that 116 patients are currently being treated for COVID in hospitals, 10 of whom are in intensive care.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection appeals to all citizens not to reduce their vigilance and to continue to implement the rules for the prevention of COVID-19.

Confirmed positive cases have been identified in these municipalities: 28 cases in Tirana, 17 cases in Korça, 8 cases in Fier, 5 cases each in Shkodra, Devoll, Saranda, and fewer in other districts.

Despite the efforts of the medical staff, 5 citizens lost the battle with COVID19: 1 citizen from Tirana, 1 citizen from Elbasan, 1 citizen from Korça, 1 citizen from Mati, 1 citizen from Shkodra, all aged 59-81 years.

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