Covid-19 / Meta-Manastirliu meeting: It is vital to increase the effectiveness of safeguarding measures

07/07/2020 16:05

Today, the President of the Republic Ilir Meta held a working meeting at his request with the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu, on the current challenges of COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister Manastirliu informed President Meta that in accordance with the drafted strategy and proposals of the Technical Committee of Experts, measures have been taken to provide personal protective equipment, increase testing capacity, hospital beds capacity and human resources.

“The strategy we are pursuing needs the cooperation of citizens to cope with the situation. Only through the implementation of measures and protocols and through personal example, we will be able to succeed together, even at this stage of pandemic”, said Minister Manastirliu.

The Head of State, after assuring the Minister of his solidarity and support for health institutions, expressed gratitude to all doctors, nurses and support staff who are serving with maximum professionalism and dedication on the front lines.

President Meta stressed the importance of supporting the health sector with the right budget, as well as the need to increase protective measures for doctors.
The Head of State appealed for the importance of raising the awareness of the citizens for the observance of the instructions made public, for the preservation of the physical distances and the wearing of the masks, especially with the nearing of the peak of the tourist season.

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