Covid-19, Health Ministry: 2 deaths in the last 24 hours, 90 citizens tested positive

10/07/2020 15:46

The Ministry of Health states that there have been 2 deaths in the last 24 hours from the Covid-19 pandemic.

An 81-year-old man from Shkodra and a 63-year-old man from Elbasan, hospitalized for several days in an infectious disease hospital in a serious condition, could not survive, despite the efforts of the medical staff.

While 90 new cases have been confirmed, this is the second recorded number in the country and the highest ever.

The geographical distribution of cases is as follows: 36 cases in Tirana, 15 in Durrës, 11 in Vlora, 8 cases in Kukës, Kruja, 4 in Kurbin, 3 in Elbasan, 2 in Lushnje, 1 case in Lezha, Kamëz, Dibër.

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection reminds businesses that they must strictly adhere to protocols to protect the health of employees and citizens, such as mandatory wearing of the mask indoors.

They also stated that the situation at the infectious disease hospital is serious, with patients in intensive care and intubated, some of them young people.

Currently 81 patients are hospitalized, 11 patients are in intensive care in serious condition and 5 of them are intubated in serious condition.

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