Covid-19, Health Minister: Today starts vaccination of field journalists, tomorrow we continue with police officers

02/04/2021 18:48

Prime Minister Edi Rama and Health Minister Manastirliu, were today in Berat, to closely follow the vaccination process of the elderly there.

Minister Manastirliu said that today also starts the vaccination of journalists and field cameramen, to be followed tomorrow by the vaccination of police officers.

“From tomorrow we will start vaccinating police officers, starting with Tirana. We are following the combined vaccination plan, with critical service groups such as these two categories, from tomorrow the vaccination of policeofficers starts and today at lunch, the journalists and the field operators “, said the Minister.

Manastirliu added that in Berat the vaccination process has started for several days, while he informed that in the whole country the figure of 100 thousand vaccinations is surpassed for the age group of +70.


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