Covid-19/ Doctors demand removal of curfew: Keep bars and restaurants closed at night

12/05/2021 20:52

Epidemiologist Ilir Alimehmeti has suggested today to the pandemic committee of experts, to remove the lockdown schedule for citizens and the obligation for masks in open spaces, for the current period where the figures of the covid-19 epidemic have dropped significantly.

He adds that although there is a declining number of infected persons, there are still casualties, and that it is not known what summer 2021 will be like in terms of pandemic behavior.

“The situation is expected to be better as a good part of the citizens have already come in contact with the virus and after a while the impact of vaccination will begin to be felt.

“So far the impact of vaccination is low as only 170,000 people have been injected with both doses of the vaccine,” he added.

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