CoVid-19/ 13 new cases in three Albanian cities

04/06/2020 15:10

13 new cases have been confirmed with Covid-19 in the last 24 hours in Albania, 11 of them in Tirana, 1 in Kruja and 1 in Shkodra.

There are 266 active cases throughout the country of which 68% are in Tirana.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, over 17,000 molecular and serological tests have been performed and 1197 cases have been confirmed, while 75% of those affected have already recovered.

Dr. Marjeta Dervishi from the Institute of Public Health provided the more details:

“In the last 24 hours, 282 tests have been performed, of which 13 positive cases have been confirmed, respectively 11 in Tirana, 1 in Kruja and 1 in Shkodra.
“39 health personnel were tested, of which 3 resulted were positive, contacts of previous positive cases.

“At the Infectious Diseases Hospital, 23 people are currently being treated, of which 5 are in intensive care, one of which intubated. About 8% of active sufferers are being treated in hospital and the rest are being followed by family doctors.”

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