Coronavirus test/ Greece warns Albanians at border-crossings for severe penalities for counterfeiting

19/08/2020 15:15

Greek authorities have warned Albanian emigrants and Greek citizens crossing the border into Greece to be provided with a stereological test and not a PCR coronavirus test, as required by authorities since 17 August.

Confidential sources from the Greek Ministry of Health told Top Channel that the ministry suspects that the tests from Albania will not be accurate, or worse be counterfeited, so during an urgent meeting on Wednesday morning it was decided that the entry points from Albania will not accept any test, which will not be PCR or which is not equipped with bar code and QR code.

It was also decided that for the next 10 days the teams of epidemiologists will remain at the border monitoring the situation. Sources clarified that regardless of whether or not the laboratory is certified, without bar code and QR coding, no passenger can cross into Greece.

The ministry clarifies that in cases where it will be noticed that the test sheet will be forged, the persons will be sent to court under serious charges, such as forgery of the official document and violation of Covid protection rules wich are punished with imprisonment and heavy fines. A day earlier, Greek authorities stated that since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, 63 Albanian citizens have been diagnosed with Covid, while more than 2.5 million passengers have entered the country from land, sea and airports.

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