Construction waste is constantly discharged on the Pogradec-Lin road near the city lake

27/11/2021 20:46

The Pogradec lake and its surrounding area became part of UNESCO heritage 2 years ago, but this treasure has been exposed to many damaging factors.

For several years inert waste is deposited here, right next to the lake water.

In the vicinity of the village of Piskupat near the national road, heavy tonnage vehicles have systematically discharged building waste like soil, asphalt or other construction materials.

The action of 4 years ago by territory planning authorities for the demolition of illegal buildings such as bars, hotel restaurants near the lake, was preceded the completion of works for the Pogradec – Lin highway.

But these came with enough environmental damage. Residents state that the waste was deposited there and that this problem is still with them today.

Pogradec aims for year-round tourism by focusing on its lake and other natural resources, but the environmental problems they have are huge and costly.

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