Constitutional Court dismisses opposition’s case to remove the mandate of minister Xhaçka: The Assembly of the Republic of Albania should decide

23/01/2023 20:46

Following the opposition’s DP request to remove the deputy mandate of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, the Court decided today to suspend this case, as according to it, the Assembly of the Republic of Albania will have to express its opinion on the matter.

The opposition has argued that the mandate of the deputy of the Socialist Party, Olta Xhaçka, is invalid because her husband has benefited from public proterty by being declared “strategic investor” by the Committee headed by PM Rama, which in fact constitutes a conflict of interest.

The company that will build a luxury resort on the south coast, has been granted from the government a beach in the Dhërmi coastal area for use for 30 years, which according to the conflict of interest law, the benefits from the public property of Rama’s minister husband, are the same as in the name of the minister herself.

The Minister herself has earlier rejected these accusations saying that “there is nothing illegal in the government’s decision”.

The Socialist Party has twice rejected the demands of the opposition for the establishment of an investigative commission for “strategic investments”, which would also include the investigation of the benefit of public wealth by the husband and other family members of Mrs. Xhaçka.

In the case of the announcement of the Xhaçka’s as a strategic investor, the DP parliamentary group, represented by Gazment Bardhi, has reported Prime Minister Edi Rama, in his capacity as Chairman of the Committee for Strategic Investments, to SPAK prosecution for abuse of office.

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