Constitutional changes, EU’s Pisonero: We regret lack of consensus, ‘June 5 agreement’ meets the criteria for EU negotiations

30/07/2020 15:41

Ana Pisonero, spokeswoman for the European Commissioner of Enlargement, Neighborhood and International Partnership, reacted to the adoption of the Constitutional Amendments in Albania, saying that she regretted that there was no consensus, but adding that it is important that the changes in the Electoral Code on opening the lists and pre-election coalitions, be discussed in the Political Council in a comprehensive manner.

Among other things, Ana Pisonero writes that with the approval of the June 5 pact, the condition for the opening of EU negotiations with Albania is met.

“While we accept the approval by the Parliament of Albania of some changes in the Constitution regarding the electoral system, it is unfortunate that there was no more time to find a compromise with all parties in the Political Council.

“The amendments to the electoral code adopted by Parliament on 23 July to implement the June 5 agreement, based on OSCE / ODIHR recommendations, have met the condition set by the Council for the opening of accession negotiations.

“Now it is essential that changes to the electoral code in implementing the constitutional changes, in particular the open lists + pre-election coalitions, be properly discussed with all political actors in the Political Council in a cooperative + comprehensive manner before voting,” she wrote.

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