Constitutional changes, DP’s Basha: The quasi-assembly voted for Rama’s interests, the popular coalition against him will not be stopped

30/07/2020 15:59

Shortly after the approval of the Constitutional changes in the Assembly, the leader of the opposition Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha released a press statement where he made serious accusations against the Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Basha said that the mock-Assembly has voted for Rama’s interests, while adding that nothing will stop the popular coalition against this government.

“Today the Assembly of Albania showed again that it is not guided by the interests of the citizens, but is only an apprentice for the political interests of Edi Rama.

“Citizens are not being given open lists. The lists are open only at the end and with the most insignificant candidate names. Edi Rama rejected our proposal to open the lists 100% and not to touch the coalitions.

“Today in the half assembly, Edi Rama and his subordinates violated the laws and the Constitution. They trampled on our history.

“Never before in our 30-year history of pluralism has the Constitution been changed unilaterally and without the consensus of the opposition.

“Never before in these 30 years have the rules for the electoral process been set solely by the ruling party. They have been a consensual product, despite the difficult political situations we have gone through in 3 decades.

“Never before in 30 years has a prime minister so brutally put his personal interest above the interests of all Albanians.

“Rama wants to take Albania hostage in order to save himself, he wants to take away the European future of Albanians in order to preserve his own chair.

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