Conference-League final closes Tirana’s roads; Plan of the blockages is published by authorities

24/05/2022 19:46

Tirana will host the final of the European Conference League football match on Wednesday, therefore some of the city roads will be closed and spaces handed over to the fans.

Traffic Police director Altin Qato said that the area inside the ‘Unaza e Vogel’ will be open only for pedestrians and the circulation of vehicles will be stopped.

Qato: ‘The second part of the restrictions has to do with the Middle Ring, which will be dedicated to the fans’s vehicles, which have some designated stations. Parking lots are also defined. The Kosovars Street area near the Tirana Lake, has been defined as spaces and parking lots for Italian Roma team fans.

‘The two-lane section of Bajram Curri and Jean D’ark Boulevards is dedicated to buses carrying Dutch Feynoord fans. There will also be no inbound links from the Middle Ring to the Small Ring.

‘All connecting roads will be blocked and no vehicles will be allowed to enter. Only vehicles accompanied by the police will be allowed, teams, VIP personalities determined by UEFA who will be accompanied by police escorts, the media persons will enter from Dervish Hima Street. The rest who have tickets will enter from Shopen Square’.

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