Citizens’ protests in Peja after two femicides in four days due to domestic violence

16/04/2024 15:58

Within four days, Kosovo was shocked twice by the murders of women.

In Peja on Tuesday morning, Gjyljeta Ukella was killed by her husband, Edmond Lajçi, who was earlier accused of domestic violence, while in a social center in Ferizaj in the south of Kosovo, Erona Cokli was killed by her ex-husband, while she was receiving child custody services.

Civil society in today’s protest demands the declaration of a state of emergency for domestic violence, the causes of which remain a mystery in recent years.

“Once again we call on the state to declare a state of emergency”, said activist Liridona Sijarina, during the protest in front of the building where the Forum for Women, Peace and Security is being held, which requested consolidation of institutions to protect women.

“What should happen is really the consolidation of our security and judicial mechanisms so that such cases do not happen”, said Glauk Konjufca, Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo.

Kosova Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu, condemned the act and called a meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Director General of the Kosovo Police, the acting Chief Prosecutor and the heads of the councils to discuss the situation.

The director of the local police Gazmend Hoxha, visited the scene where Gjyljeta Ukella was killed this Tuesday, saying that the number of police officers responding to cases of domestic violence has increased at the local level.

56 women have been killed in the last ten years in Kosovo by domestic violence.

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