Changes in government; Olta Xhaçka the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Niko Peleshi Minister of Defense

29/12/2020 16:06

Changes in the government cabinet have been announced today, where Olta Xhaçka will be the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, while Niko Peleshi will be the Minister of Defense.

The news was announced by the Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama through a post on Twitter. He thanked former foreign minsiter Gent Cakaj for his work during the period when Albania was chairing the OSCE, while he decided to return Peleshi to the government.

“After an intensive period of work in the chairmanship of the OSCE as well as the great work of Gent Cakaj as acting minister, it is time to jointly pass the duty to Olta Xhacka to act as Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs. I want to thank Genti not only for the dignity in the performance of the task so far, but also for the full readiness to continue the joint effort, returning to the cabinet of the Prime Minister. Meanwhile, Niko Peleshi will head the ministry of defense”, writes Rama.


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