CEC rejects registration of Berisha’s democrats in the coalition of Meta, Duka and Ndoka, due to the use of the PD logo

18/03/2023 15:50

The agreement of former president Meta and former prime minister Berisha for the May 14 elections by joining forces in a coalition called “We win together”, was opposed at the CEC meeting by the lawyer of the Democratic Party, which is now led by Enkelejd Alibeaj.

Legal representative Indrit Sefa accused that the coalition was illegal due to the use of the DP logo, a statement which was accompanied by debates at the public session of the CEC.

“I confirm that the Democratic Party has not made any coalition. The logo, name and characteristics of the Democratic Party were used by unauthorized and illegitimate persons”, said Sefa in relation to the split faction of the Democratic Party led by former Prime Minister Berisha.

“The commissioner should take measures and undertake all legal steps to establish justice. This request should be dismissed”, Sefa added.

The state commissioner of elections, Ilirjan Celibashi, decided to exclude the signature of the Democratic Party headed by Sali Berisha, and registered the coalition with only 3 parties.

According to him, this decision was based on the precedent created for the local elections of March 6, 2022. The decision can be appealed within 3 days to the KAS commission.

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