CEC gives the vote formula for expats: Online registration even for those without a residence permit

18/05/2024 21:14

The head of the Albanian central election commission spoke today about a ‘compromise formula’ to bring the issue of the diaspora vote to a solution.

In an interview for Top Channel, Ilirjan Celibashi talks about how to register immigrants electronically.

“It is important to start this process. Perhaps, one of the parties could show a kind of tolerance more even by not agreeing with the idea of the other party”, said Celibashi.

The Democrat opposition are sitting with a list of demands at the electoral reform dialogue table, but the Socialists have not yet made any concessions. Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi says he has the immigrant registration formula ready.

“To be registered by the Central Election Commission through a platform or system that this institution would build”, said Celibashi.

The creation of the diaspora registry is proposed to be done electronically, so that the right to vote is guaranteed even to immigrants without a residence permit.

“If you apply and say live in Greece but I don’t have an address, you can make the application to register through the CEC electronic platform, which offers all the guarantees on the identity of the one who makes the application, or through face recognition, fingerprints, sending a message on the phone”, he said.

“Without a doubt, this identification process must be completed no later than 60 days before the election day, as it will be known how to prepare the list of voters”, said Celibashi.

But how will immigrants vote? Socialists support the option of voting by mail, but the democratic opposition does not trust the Albanian posts. CEC supports voting through technology.

“The voter can send the ballot to the CEC through the electronic system, but can also send it by mail. For me, the best way will be to send the ballot through the online application, Voting through the mail, apart from the costs that are greater, there is also the problem that those who do not have an address “, added Celibashi.

Top Channel