CEC, DP appeals for Shale commune

26/08/2011 13:45

The Democratic Party filed an appeal at the Central Election Commission
for the Shale Commune, which was won by the Socialist Party candidate.
The request was impossible to be reviewed by CEC today, since they
failed to reach the necessary quorum.

The appeal received three votes, while the quorum should be formed by the four members of this commission.

The Socialist Party CEC members opposed the authorization of the DP representative, Ylli Kaso, charged to follow the complaint.

Referring to article 26 of the Electoral Code, CEC Socialist members declared that the representative of every subject has no right to delegate his work to a vice.

Opposition representatives declared that the CEC task is not properly fulfilled and the Democratic Party is missing one representative for filing the complaint in full accordance with the Electoral Code.

DP representatives declared that after the meeting they will see al legal possibilities for taking the appeal at the Electoral College.

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