CEC, appeals for Tirana

30/05/2011 16:25

The Central Election Commission discussed in today’s meeting four appeals that oppose Tirana’s election results.

The Democratic Party asked CEC to reassess all contested ballots. These ballots have already been assessed once, because the Electoral Code provides that if counting members contest the ballots, the Zonal Election Commission will instantaneously reassess the contested votes. The issue is that the democrats had the majority of commissioners in only half of the Zonal Election Commissions.

Democratic Party representatives think that Zonal Election Commissions leaded by Socialist Party members might have taken decisions that oppose the voters’ interest. The Democratic Party is using the legal demand of reassessing the ballots, since there are evidences in some protocol books.

This DP request includes miscast ballots that were assessed some days ago by CEC. According to the Democratic Party, CEC did not reassess the contested ballots, but only counted some of the ones that had not been counted.

In total, the Democratic Party asked the reassessment of 143 voting centers in Tirana, of 117 voting centers that were reviewed by CEC in the last days and also 26 other voting centers.

The appeals made from the Popular Union of Albanian Pensioners party and two appeals from the Socialist Party were much simpler.

These parties request the CEC decision for announcing Municipality Unit 5 summary table and the general table for Tirana to be declared as invalid . These two tables were created only after CEC counted miscast ballots.

The Central Election Commission decided to administer as proof the protocol books of the 26 new voting centers presented by the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, CEC declared that it recognizes the problem of the first 117 voting centers, with which CEC worked in the passed days. The next meeting for these appeals will continue tomorrow.

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