Building waste thrown on the streets/ Shijak demolition waste disposed of in Xhafzotaj

04/06/2020 15:58

In vicinity of the Tirana-Durrës highway, building waste of the Shijak municipality have been deposited near the Fllaka overpass.

The November 26 earthquake damaged about 900 buildings in this municipality and the subsequent demolitions are expected to produce about 350,000 tons of waste. Some of them are thought to be deposited in the Sharra landfill, explained the mayor of Shijak, while this free space near the Fllaka overpass will serve as a temporary dumping site.

The discharge of waste in this area has brought concern to the residents who have complained to the chairman of the village council, Nikoll Gjoka.

“We are an industrial area while they are turning it into a ghetto. They chucked it at night. This private land. We are hoping in the truthfulness of the mayor’s statement that it is a temporary landfill. Dumping them on the side of the road will cause accidents like the ones that have occurred to date”, stated Gjoka.


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