Brother of the most wanted for the robbery of Rinas airport is executed in Elbasan

17/09/2020 15:05

The city of Elbasan was shocked this morning by the murder of Bujar Çela, the brother of Talo Çela, one of the robbers of 4.6 million euros at Tirana airport on April 9, 2019.

Bujar Çela was executed around 05:45, where the 50-year-old was drinking his morning coffee in a bar in the village of Bradashesh. It is believed that there were at least three people who fired in the direction of Bujar, leaving him dead on the spot.

Meanwhile, a few minutes after the event, a burnt car was found in the village of Murras, which is believed to belong to the perpetrators of the murder.

It is learned that there are security cameras at the scene and these can help the state police to shed light on the full dynamics of the event. Meanwhile, at all entrances and exits of the city of Elbasan, numerous checkpoints have been set up and special units such as FNSH and RENEA have come to the aid of the police services.

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