Border openings, police: Measures are taken for safe crossings

01/06/2020 15:50

After the opening of the borders with the neighboring countries, Albanian Border Police stated that it has taken preventive measures at all points of land border crossing, for the normal and trouble-free continuation of the border activity.

Border Police personnel at border crossings are equipped with masks and disinfectants to protect against COVID-19.

With regard to neighboring countries, according to the police the border crossing situation is as follows:

For the Republic of Italy, Greece and the Republic of Northern Macedonia, there is no change in the border regime. Entry to Albania is allowed, but it is not allowed for passengers in the direction of these countries, except those who are residents or have followed the relevant procedures with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as during the pandemic period.
In the Republic of Montenegro are allowed to enter without any hindrance and restriction only citizens from states’ list approved by them (states which have the rate of active cases of coronavirus less than 25 per 100 000 inhabitants), which includes the Republic of Albania.

All citizens are allowed to enter the Republic of Kosovo, but if they do not have an official confirmation of the last 4 days that are “negative” with COVID-19, then they must fill in the relevant form for self-guarantee for a period of 7 days. Trucks must undergo the disinfection process before entering Kosovo territory.

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