Berlin, Albanian minister Lleshaj hails the government measures against firearms possession

31/01/2020 20:38

Albanian Interior Minister Sandër Lleshaj spoke today in the closing stages of the Berlin international conference on the control of small arms and light weapons, in the 6 countries of the Western Balkans.

Lleshaj stated the importance of package of measures for the fight against organized crime approved by the Albanian Government, stating that the illegal possession of firearms is just one element of this struggle.

“It is a nice coincidence that the participation in today’s meeting comes at the time of the approval by the Albanian Government of the extensive legal package against organized crime. Gun control is in essence a fight against organized crime and the Albanian government is mobilized in a new era of fight against it. Of course in Berlin we specifically discussed arms control in the Western Balkans, but in my speech I was focused on the work being done in Albania, such as the measures taken in deepening the control in the field of weapons. In 2019 we toughened the Criminal Code measures to crack down on any case of illegal possession of firearms, toughening the sentences which now start at 3 years up to 7 and beyond. We will continue to be seriously engaged in this field”, Lleshaj said.

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