Berisha: Replace non-fruit trees

25/08/2011 16:20

After inaugurating the start of the construction work for the
Hotolisht-Frara road, Prime Minister Berisha spoke again with
agricultural terms to the residents of this area, reminding them the
project of olive groves and nut trees.

“Dear head of the commune and farmers, it is up to us to double the revenues there where we live. We are coming here from Elbasan. You know pretty well that any non-fruit tree that is placed near Shkumbini River banks could have been nuts, hazelnuts, fruit trees, with which we could secure more revenues. This is why we have presented the project of olive and nut trees. You know better than me what plantations with nut trees used to be along the Shkumbini River banks. Let us return them for our best common interest”, Berisha declared.

By not denying the deep poverty in Librazhd area, the Prime Minister praised the natural resources of this district.

“We will do everything so that non-fruit trees will be replaced by fruit trees. We will do anything to increase our revenues. The increase of the revenues is a condition for becoming a developed country. Librazhd has many poor families today, but the natural wealth of this district is more than enough not only for you, but even wider”, Berisha declared.

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