Basha with farmers in Devoll: PD’s government will provide 100 million euros a year subsidies for agriculture

06/07/2020 15:47

The leader of the opposition Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, was today in Progër of Devoll where he talked closely with the farmers, who on their part complained about the lack of support from the government.

“We are in a very difficult situation,” a farmer told Basha, adding that due to the high price of seeds, pesticides, oil and pump irrigation, the cost of production is much higher than that in neighboring Macedonia, Greece or Kosovo.

“We sell the products at a low cost and even though I have been employing 20 families for 25 years, I see myself heading for bankruptcy. That’s how it is with almost everyone,”said the outraged farmer, noting the problem of young people leaving the village and agricultural work.

“The problem is that we are losing hope, the boys want to leave, because we are not making profit. Agriculture is no longer preferred. The young people are leaving their jobs here to escape abroad, to become waiters in the city “- the farmer emphasized.

Basha on the other hand promised among other things, that the next PD government would provide at least 100m euros a year in agricultural subsidies.

“Look my friends, look what a paradise Devolli is! Not just the nature, but look at what the human hand has made of it. Look how Aurelius, Medius, and the workers of Devoll did it.
‘Look at how they have worked their land, look at what rare beauty. But instead of being a blessing, it is turning into a curse for them.
“Instead of these people being rich and employing as many people as possible so that the youth do not go to work for a living in Greece, they are in debt,” said Basha, among other things.

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