Bare, resignation: “Moral responsibility”

07/09/2011 00:00

The former leader of the Socialist Party in Tirana, Besnik Bare declared
that his resignation was a moral and institutional responsibility.

Sources from the Socialist Parliamentary Group say that Bare asked a personal meeting with the SP leader, Edi Rama, for handing his resignation, since the Party is in an inner election process.

Sajmir Tahiri will lead this branch of the opposition in the Albanian capital, assisted by Bare during the transition phase. Tahiri is a young politician who approached to the Socialist Party after 2005, when the reins of SP went in the hands of Edi Rama.

This change is related with the electoral process in Tirana, when after May 8th, without the technical changes of the majority, Edi Rama was 10 votes ahead his rival.

Much different to the 20.000 votes difference in 2007, this result shows a loss of votes that has pointed the responsibility finger even to the leader of this branch, Besnik Bare, who had been leading this office for 6 years. In this context, the assignment of Sajmir Tahiri in this position is related with the electoral results in his area, “Kombinat”, where the Socialist confrontation against the Socialist Movement for Integration dominated over the Democrats.

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