Bar owner prosecuted after residents complained about the loud music in Berat

11/07/2020 15:46

The owner of a bar in Berat has been prosecuted for the criminal offense “Breaking public order”, as concerned citizens notified the authorities that in the neighborhood “10 korriku”, a bar was playing loud music.

The police forces went to the place and confirmed the violation by communicating to the owner of the bar that he should turn down the music.

But their advice was not followed and after the return of the police officers, the owner of the restaurant, citizen M. Ç., 51 years old, resident in Velabisht, was prosecuted.
Also, the Police services have seized the musical equipment of the bar.

The problem of loud noise from bars in overpopulated areas of Albanian cities is endemic, and numerous calls have been made for more engagement by the authorities.

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