Bad weather in Albanian ports/ Great care recommended in Durrës, fishermen in Vlora forbidden to sail

22/01/2021 15:37

Starting from today until midnight on January 23, the entire Albanian coastal area forecasted to be swept by southward winds with speeds of up to 30 miles/ hour, as well as wave heights of up to 3 meters.

This situation has led to the suspension of small tonnage vessel navigation, including fishing vessels. Nevertheless the three ferry lines with the Italian ports of Bari and Ancona have not reported problems and arrived on time.

Meanwhile, in the port of Vlora, due to the aggravated weather conditions, the sailing of small fishing vessels has been suspended today. The sea force is estimated at 5-6 points inside the bay of Vlora and outside it 6-7 points.

It is learned that the ferry movement in Vlora has not been suspended but as in Durrës, only the schedule of the ferry with Brindisi has been changed from 21:00 to 15:00, as the weather is expected to worsen in the official departure time.

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