Assets of ‘developer’ trafficker, convicted in Spain for drugs, are seized

28/07/2022 20:48

One of the recipients of public funds for the Earthquake Reconstruction process, by order of the SPAK prosecutor’s office, is seized his assetes and those of his closest family members.

56 years old Anton Gjinaj underwent a property investigation under the “anti-mafia law” after discovering he was sentenced to eight years and nine months in prison by the Provincial Court of Alicante in Spain for drug trafficking within a criminal group.

A year after this decision, the suspect changed his name in Albania from ‘Pashuk’ to ‘Anton’ in order to launder his crime proceedings.

The 56-year-old does not justify his assets and is suspected he created them from criminal activity between Albania and Spain.

Nearly 20,000 square meters of land were seized from him, as well as 6 companies among which the one announced as the winner in the public reconstruction tenders in Albania.

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