Asphalting begins on the first lot of the Elbasan-Qafë Thane road axis, minister: Ready for circulation in a few weeks

19/02/2024 15:49

Asphalting work has begun on lot 1 of the Elbasan-Qafë Thane road axis, part of Corridor VIII.

The works for the construction of this axis advanced at a fast pace and within a few weeks this lot with a length of nearly 5 kilometers will be open for traffic, thus helping the ease of movement.

Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku, along with the Director of the Albanian Road Authority, Evis Berberi closely followed the progress of the works.

“It is a job that requires effort”, said Minister Balluku, adding that according to the contract, the works for Lot 1 must be completed at the end of March this year. “When the summer season comes, this difficult part of the crossing in the Labinot Fushë area will be completely resolved, and we will be ready to continue with all the other segments”, said the Minister.

The road axis Elbasan-Qafë Thane is part of Corridor VIII. The construction of this axis will facilitate the circulation of vehicles by shortening the travel time as well as simultaneously increasing road safety parameters.

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