Artisans in Elbasan and their tradition passed down through the generations, are now promoting it to youngsters

13/04/2024 21:14

Brixhilda Çërraga started embroidering about 4 years ago, as a way to cope with a family tragedy, after losing her father to a serious illness.

But over time, she not only found support in this passion, which was also a family heritage, but also turned it into a small business.

From April 5-20, the Ethnographic Museum of Elbasan has undertaken an initiative to promote young artisans like Ms. Cerraga. This initiative comes as a necessity to give more space and importance to the beautiful tradition of handicrafts, which is still inherited from generation to generation in this region.

About 20 young artisans will exhibit their works in the premises of the ethnographic museum during the month of April, while all citizens are invited to get to know the values of the regional cultural heritage, as one of the most beautiful treasures of Albania.

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