Anti-corruption court hears of affair of the Fieri incinerator, requests clarification for Alqi Blako’s charges: Not a high-ranking official

24/03/2023 20:40

After four sessions, the Anti-Corruption Court is hearing the trial of the Fier incinerator with 30 suspects, among them former Minister of the Environment Lefter Koka, his former environment General Secretary Alqi Blako, as well as former administrators of private companies that are suspected to have benefited millions from fictitious invoices for unfinished works.

Alqi Blako explained that his duty as ministerial general secretary legaly was not that of a high official and therefore the charge was drawn up incorrectly.

The court accepted Blako’s claims and ordered SPAK to correct the accusation by formulating the offense as “corruption of a public servant”.

The same procedure was followed for the reformulation of the charge of corruption in the private sector and public officials and for four other accused, among them Klodian Zoto, Italian citizen Ciafialonte and Arben Dervishaj. The court did not rule on the suspects’ requests to apply for summary judgment.

The court corrected the situation for suspect Robert Shabani, for whom the trial was dismissed because as it turns out he was convicted earlier along with the deceased Enver Shabani for the same circumstance.

“The trial for Robert Shabani was terminated because he was sentenced by the Court of Appeal for the same fact and for the same period of time under the same conditions,” said Jurgen Sinani, Robert Shabani’s lawyer.

The issues of corruption in the two incinerators will now be judged separately, for corruption affairs and money laundering.

Meanwhile, the investigation for the former environment minister Arben Ahmetaj, who has not yet been interrogated, is separate, although is unofficially learned that the apartments of his co-habitant Erjola Hoxha have been searched and a preliminary seizure has been placed on a villa in Palasa.

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