Altertext, “a ticking time bomb”

30/05/2011 15:30

Teachers and students are facing every year weak and difficult school texts.

The “altertext” project started six years ago is not bringing a positive renewal for texts, but instead students who, despite being on the same year, are learning with 7 or 12 different standards. Former Education Director for Tirana, Majlinda Keta notes that the “Altertext” is damaging the education quality, which is being held on its feet only by teachers’ hard work.

“We have 7 to 12 texts for students following the same year, despite the fact that these seven standards refer to the same program”, Keta declared.

Is “Altertext” program being abused with? Mrs. Keta thinks that it is impossible for a one-year-experienced teacher to be author of school texts, or ghost publishing houses to be included in tenders for book publishing, an area where the slightest error could cause big damages.

“Most of the interventions are made with abusive elements. The authors of these texts are teachers graduated only in the recent years. There are also many new publishing houses added in the tendering process”, Keta declared.

The old authors of “Shtëpia Botuese e Librit” have very little involvement in new school books, which have been often changed due to problems and inaccuracies. The Education Ministry spends every year 5 to 6.5 million Euros for publishing and printing school texts.

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