Albania’s brain is emigrating, half of graduates have left the country in the last 10 years

23/09/2021 20:33

47% of Albanians with high education have migrated during the last 10 years, which according to experts from the Institute of Statistics will lead to the impoverishment of the country’s economy.

Experts Sokrat Palushi and Elma Cali in the study “Albanian Diaspora in figures” pointed out that Albania has the highest level in the region of emigration of educated people and students abroad. For the academic year 2019-2020, 18,000 young people left for studies abroad, while the phenomenon of brain drain from Albania is increasing year by year.

“I have been selected in the group of 30 winners out of 600 students who applied for the branch of financial accounting in Luxembourg”, says a student who is also leaving soon.

Emigration has also divided Albanian families. The elderly are now living alone, as they were not used to before in Albania. Their children are sacrificing for a better education and a secure job in the future, to help out their families.

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