Albanian society is aging; In the 90’s the average age was 27, currently is 37

26/01/2021 16:29

The year 2020 has recorded a negative statistic for our country in terms of the number of new births. Sociologist Gezim Tushi of the national institute of statistics INSTAT, says that the new trend has nothing to do with the covid-19 pandemic.

“The decline in births is more related to cultural, socio-economic factors and not to remorse. We live in a post-modern society and apparently having children is not their priority, it is not with the traditional numerical family. Secondly, the number of marriages has decreased, thirdly, the number of divorces has increased”, said Tushi.

Regarding a possible solution, he adds:

“I think that with certain policies we can promote the birth rate, for example in previous years it supported the birth of children with 400 800 lek. From 27 years old the average age that Albania used to have in the 90 ‘and with an average of 2.3 children per woman, now we have reached 1.3 children per woman and the average age is 37 years old. We are still not the oldest society in Europe, but we have a high rate of aging.”

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