Albanian singers arrested in Switzerland for visa irregularities before performing for diaspora

17/04/2024 21:15

Singers Soni Malaj, Don Phenom and Sinan Vllasaliu have been arrested by the Swiss police before performing for the Albanian diaspora there.

According to media reports, the artists were going to perform in the evening “BajramParty” three days ago in Switzerland, but a sudden check of the local police got them in detention.

Kosovar singer Labinot Rexha reported the news saying that the event failed, as the police arrested the popular traditional music singers, who were then held for 48 hours by the Swiss police.

Rexha, who has Swiss citizenship, said that for him the police did not present any problems, but the Albanian citizens were stopped because they used tourist visas to work, and this could cause them to be banned for 10 years from performing in Switzerland.

“I have Swiss citizenship, there was a general check by the Swiss police in the club. After 23:00, they came for the check  . When I went out, I saw about 150 policemen checking. They checked me too, I have the right to work. Others, Sinan Vllasaliu, Soni Malaj, Don Phenom, Eugena Aliu, were detained for 48 hours along with the owner of the bar. The discotheque is continuing to work…

Rexha added: “Those who think that visa liberalization is also about work, are wrong. You do not have the right to work in Switzerland. There you need to get a work visa permit and pay the tax one month before. If they come across you, you no longer have the right to perform for 10 years…”

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